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Updated: Apr 20, 2019

Disney's Star Wars Galaxy's Edge - Disney/Lucas Films

The #StarWarshotel's in both Disneyland in California and the Disney World hotel is Florida have been a hot ticket of debate and speculation. We have the scoop on a newly released map of the one in Orlando, Florida which, a few weeks ago was released and Disney fans closely following the #DisneyWorldStarWarsHotel plans were both fascinated and surprised by what they saw. So here's what we know so far.

First, it's good to know few bits of info if you haven't heard already. The Disneyland Star Wars hotel is going to be extremely well themed to Star Wars and most likely similar to the plan below, however the Disneyland hotel will not have the same immersive experience as it's Florida counterpart.

With that being said, lets take a look at the plan/map.

Map from City Permit - Star Wars Hotel Map

On first glance it might look big, however it's not a very large hotel at all and only 2-stories tall! We suspect this will change as the popularity of this hotel grows after it's opening. At the moment there is only about 60 rooms, 30 on each floor.

Bob Chapek, Parks Chairman and potential replacement after Bob Iger's retirement was quoted in saying “from the second you arrive, you will become a part of a Star Wars story! You’ll immediately become a citizen of the galaxy and experience all that entails, including dressing up in the proper attire. Once you leave Earth, you will discover a star ship alive with characters, stories, and adventures that unfold all around you. It is 100% immersive, and the story will touch every single minute of your day, and it will culminate in a unique journey for every person who visits.”

And we believe him. When we check out the Star Wars hotel plan up close you can see there is a whole section of the hotel at the front entrance called 'Arrival Experience'. You can see a few interesting rooms which seem to end with you arriving into the "Dining" area of the map on the far left.

Arrival Experience

It seems like guests at this Star Wars hotel in Florida are expected to arrive in #StarWars styled clothing or use this area change into their 'costumes' in this area where they finally go through some type of immersive ride, potentially a Star Tours type of experience and then arrive at the hotel, their space ship without even leaving the building. If this is so, it could be an incredible first step into this amazing interactive world.

Next, we took a look at the dining area, which is reported to have some amazing views just like the cabins/rooms are said to have, as if you are a star ship in orbit, we assume above the rebel planet which is the stage for Galaxy's Edge. This would be the area that guests will most likely enter and leave at the beginning and end of there stay. Looking at the concept art labeled "Lobby" most of the time. This area has some interesting features as well.

Star Wars Hotel "Lobby" Concept Art - DIsney/Lucas Film

The first thing that I noticed was the large screen that seems to be featured both in the concept art above and the area labeled dining on the map below. If you look in the center left side you will see a box that sticks out in front of the wall area. I would suspect that this is the screen built-in to the dining area and from there you can kind of figure out how these concept art pictures that Disney has released would be oriented. Most likely this area is labeled dining for simplicity sake given that people will eat and drink in this area. Maybe a type of table and booth would also be in this area.

You also have to wonder what the area to the far right is. We suspect this area is either a bar area or a cast member front of house area where food can be passed through. There are other interesting features below the dining area that aren't labeled but people seem to have to move through this area on the way to there rooms. We think that this area is going to be variations of the concept art below which almost looks like a Las Vegas style casino or game room. It would seem that no money would be up for grabs because kids and adults can be seen playing futuristic games with the assistance of Star Wars hotel cast members.

Star Wars Hotel Activity Room - Disney/Lucas Films

Next, we can take a look at the rooms or cabins themselves. As we said, the hotel is only going to be 2 stories high, pretty short given the tall towers being built right now at the Caribbean Resort and Coronado Resort. Like we said, there is only about 60 rooms or cabins which are supposed to have the same fantastic space views and rebel planet below.

Star Wars Hotel Cabins - Disney/Lucas Films

I have loved all of the concept art of this hotel so far and it's fantastic idea behind immersion. However, for a potential $1,000 a night potentially per person like we see at Disney Cruise Line, these beds do not look comfortable at all. In fact, the whole room looks very crowded and much more like a family room you would find at the Art of Animation and less like a villa room at many of the other deluxe resorts found on Disney World property. I have appreciated many of the aspects of this entire immersive experience which is the new wave of theme park entertainment in our opinion but please figure out a way to give people normal pillows and a comfortable bed! Now I could be wrong, maybe it will be comfortable but I suspect cast members will be asked for some normal amenities that they are accustomed to. But the views, right?

Now you might want to know after you are properly inducted into this whole experience how you will get from place to place. Well, Disney Parks has release a little bit of info about that. In this plan/map you can see a green area marked shuttle. Do not be fooled, these will not be the normal buses. Concept art released has let us know that the entire shuttle area will be like a space ship air lock. The upper portion would be some sort of waiting area and you seem to use a small walkway in the center that leads you straight into the shuttle.

The picture below is Disney concept art showing what the inside of the shuttle will look like. You can see there are hand holds inside and we think the brown squares on the sides might be pull down seats for those that would want to sit for the very short ride to Galaxy's Edge.

Star Wars Hotel Inside Shuttle Concept Art - Disney

So to venture out of the large space ship you are staying on, you will load onto a smaller space shuttle with your family. The #StarWarsHotelconcept art shows us both the inside and outside of the ride, or what we are supposed to think the outside of the shuttle will look like, but in reality the shuttle will probably be a normal looking shuttle bus with blacked out windows with some amazing theming inside. The guest will never know what the shuttles look like and will never lose the immersive theming as they move from hotel to theme park.

We truly are excited about this new hotel and whole Galaxy's Edge experience. We can't wait to find out what Disney does with all of this and we hope that this plan release will only get you more excited about what Disney World and Disneyland has in store for all of us.

On a final note, Star Wars Galaxy's Edge will have two rides which we now know the names of. The ride inside the Millennium Falcon pictured above will be called #SmugglerRun.

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