Review: Epcot Forever - New Fireworks Show at Epcot

Are you traveling to Disney World for the holidays and wondering about the nighttime show at Epcot now that Illuminations has retired? Well, wait no longer!

Disney has just started running a brand new firework and laser show just before the holidays called "Epcot Forever". Disney has stated that the show "celebrates the past, present, and future of Epcot," and "will showcase of soaring fireworks, inspiring music, lasers and colorful glowing kites flying above and around the park’s World Showcase Lagoon." The show will contain some dazzling high tech fireworks, glowing LED kites zipped across the lake by boats also sporting a little LED light, an amazing lasers accompaniment and a brand new score by "noted composer Don Harper."

Songs will include "One Little Spark" sung by a chorus of children, which will also contain a new additional verse "celebrating the future of Epcot yet to come" and the classic song "Tapestry of Nations" parade. Music is also included from the soundtrack of Soarin just before the LED kites take off and suddenly just appear in the sky.

The show will be running approximately 8 months according to other Disney bloggers (Mickey Views) and officially Disney has only said it would run into 2020. It's safe to say that this holiday season you will be enjoying this new interim show.

"Epcot Forever" will then be replaced by “HarmonioUS". Disney has said that “Epcot Forever” exemplifies the park’s founding principles – innovation, exploration, imagination, and celebration" and that it shows us a "future filled with new attractions and experiences as part of a multiyear transformation already underway."

The show runs about twelve minutes and you want to find a good spot at least thirty to forty minutes ahead of time.

The Review and Tips

Copryright Disney - Epcot Forever fireworks

Having watched the show myself I can tell you first that you want to be as close as you can to see the glowing LED kites. They were amazing! To me, they looked like fish floating through the sky like it was water at some points and fiery dragons at other times as sparks flew out of there tails. I real elemental feeling, it was really an amazing effect. However, for me, the kites and some of the fireworks were the best parts. The LED kites also sparked the most crowd reaction. They really seemed to love those kites as well! I could totally see something like that incorporated into Disney's Animal Kingdom in the future as a glowing stingray!

As far as the music I was a little letdown in places but overall pleased! The songs were iconic and totally Epcot, except maybe the Aladdin's "Brand New World" at the very end, but I understood the meaning. We are entering a brave new world at Epcot with the new spine reconstruction/construction and the addition of the France pavilion expansion and Ratatouille ride. And maybe no accident it was included since the future may hold additional characters from other Disney movies joining the World Showcase beyond Coco and Mulan.

I think the main problem I found with the music is that a hardcore Epcot fan will probably enjoy all the songs that were included, but an Epcot newbie may not really identify any of the songs and be a little confused. I know Epcot fairly well, but I was confused at some of the parts of the soundtrack. However, it kept drawing you back in with its orchestra music and beauty which everyone can enjoy. And that could in fact be another reason they included the Aladdin song, "A Whole New World." Because again, it would be a piece of music that everyone would most likely recognize and be able to get behind.

Finally, I loved the inclusion of a quote directly from Walt Disney about Epcot in the end and what his vision was for it as a theme park, but I won't give the quote away! You will have to just go see it for yourself and listen closely toward the end of the twelve minutes.

Copyright Disney - Epcot Forever fireworks over the Epcot ball

Remember that you can grab a place to watch early, stake your claim somewhere and wait for the show to begin, use a fastpass to reserve a prime viewing spot, attend a dessert party for the firework show, eat a special meal and get a reserved spot to watch the show or finally you can make a dinner reservation and watch the show inside at one of the lakeside restaurants. I will be writing another blog and maybe producing a video on some of those best restaurants and strategies to grab a great table in the future.

Overall I would say this is a great new show to bring in the new year, a real show closer that won't let you down. You may get lost with the music a few times but hang in there and the amazing fireworks especially at the end.

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